Decor Love - October 2010

Decor Love october


Mini-Halloween Nutcrackers
Dwell Studio Bedding
Desmond Screen
Futura Small Bowl
Claude double 4 drawer set
Love Poster
Keys Rug
Olivia Headboard Wall Decal
Owl Pillow


  1. I have been meaning to stop by and say hi! I am really loving yellow right now. I painted several canvases to hang over my bed in bright yellow. Oh and I love your new Ikea desk. See I had to stop by and catch up! LOL!

    I am so jealous you are going to Disney! We used to go every year but have skipped the last two and I am having withdrawals! :( I hope you have a great time!

  2. A lot of people at my work hate me because I am going to Disney again! lol We are just doing it because he is going to boot camp Jan. 4th! It is a great way to spend our last weeks together. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Omigosh - I really, really want the Claude 4 drawer chest. I need to win the lottery.

  4. Peggy - I know the feeling! I need to stop looking at Jonathan Adler's website!!! lol


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