New Bookcase Arrangement

When I posted pictures of the apartment the other day I had mentioned that I was not happy with the arrangement of my dining room bookcase. I spent sometime the other day digging out different photos & items. Here is what I came up with...

apartment103 dining room1 arrangement2

apartment103 dining room arrangement banda

The old arrangement wasn't horrible, I just wasn't happy with it. I felt it was to busy. I think now everything goes better together.

apartment103 dining room 2 arrangement2

Here is the shelf that you can't really see...

apartment103 dining room 3 arrangement2

Do you think I should paint the bookcase? I like it better white now that I changed the arrangement. I really am seeing pink walls in the apartment!!! I want to live here a month or so before I decide. I just hate the thought of having to paint it back. :(

apartment103 dining room 4 arrangement2

I now have a bowl of Hello Kitties on my table. lol I had to put them somewhere!!


  1. CUTE!!! And I just noticed Dexter Morgan in your sidebar. I LOVE that show!!!

  2. Thanks Ally! Ya, Dexter is amazing. :)

  3. Love the new arrangement. Much better. Also love the bowl of Hello Kitties! Too cute!

  4. Where did you get the monopoly cards!?!?

  5. Marty, I actually got those at an antique mall. I love them so much.


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