House Update, A Haircut & Other Randomness

After 2 months our bank finally had accepted the offer we had gotten at the end of August. {It was buyer # 5} A week before the bank accepted the offer, the buyer decided suddenly that they wanted to offer less. They went to the states auditors page and saw what we purchased the house for. They thought they were now getting ripped off after viewing the amount! Expect when we bought the house it was in a condition where it was close to being condemned!!! When we bought the home we financed an extra 30,000 plus dollars on top of the price the buyer saw on the auditors page!!! The buyer doesn't see that on there!!! Plus, we were selling it to the buyer for about $30,000 less then we owed on the home. Gee, who is getting ripped off here????
{Cody & I!! All that work for nothing!}


Above is a photo of myself ripping out the walls in our master bedroom. Notice that the ceiling is hanging into the room, which is where it rained into the house. This photo was taken by Cody standing in the garage. We busted through the bedroom wall so that we could just shovel the whole room out. {See more HERE} That is why we paid what we paid!!! Selling a home right now is horrible. Our house may not be "finished" or perfect, but Cody & I deserved to make profit on it. It is worth way more then what we are selling it for. It is really sad. It makes you so angry when people tear it apart and say THEY are paying to much for it. Anyways, we ended up not agreeing to letting buyer #5 offer less. We just let the contract go and moved on. We had a new offer within a week.

Now we are on to buyer #6. We have a closing date set for November 23rd. *fingers crossed* yet again! As long as this buyers financing doesn't fall through it will be a done deal. FINALLY. I know it is not over till it is over. Nothing surprises me anymore! lol

I am really loving my new apartment. I feel very comfortable here and it is really quiet. Even though we went with a much higher rent then we wanted, I believe it was the right choice. We are counting down the days when Cody leaves for his basic training. We are excited to start our new journey in life. I know I am going to have a hard time being apart from him for 8 months. In the long run though it will be worth it. There are only 5 places that we will end up living:

North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Louisiana or Guam!

Needless to say, none of these places were places we hoped to get. I hate cold weather and ended up with 3 colder states. Guam is an island that is very very far away from OHIO. For that reason, I do not want to move there. Louisiana is my first {hopefully} choice. At least it is warm! :) It is all up to fate. I will make the best of whatever we are given.

I have decided to make my blog a bit more personal. It has slowly gone in that direction and I know with the way life is going for me it will continue to be that way. Moving away from my home state of 28 years and becoming a Military Wife, My Mod Style isn't just about decorating anymore. It is also a place for me to preserve important memories and events in my life. My Mod Style is a design outlet for me and also just a cool way to keep track of my ever changing journey. Feel free to tag along with me or just enjoy the pictures of pretty rooms I post. :)

Okay, one more thing while I am going on and on. I talked about getting my haircut last week. I ended up getting bangs cut. I really hadn't had bangs since probably the 4th grade.

Haircut - October 2010

I plan to just let my layers grow out and keeping it more one length. I do like the cute little bangs. The girl that does my hair is amazing. I can always trust her with my hair. Half the time I just let her do what she wants. It is nice to find a good hair dresser!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wanted to let you know I stopped by! :)
    I hope your first choice works out on where you will be moving. Of the 5 locations you listed, I've only been to Wyoming. It's the least populated state in the U.S. It is wide open and very pretty with the mountains. Louisiana would be most like Ohio. It can be very humid there, but the winters wouldn't be as bad as those northern states. You would have palm trees in Guam, but like you said it's very, very far away. Good luck!
    Hey, cute picture of the new hair as well! :)


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