4 Movies

Picnik collage

1. Dan in Real Life - I loved this movie. It was funny and just a very sweet love story. 5 stars

2. Iron Man 2 - Yes, I know it came out forever ago! I loved the first Iron Man. The second movie was fun to watch, but not as good. 4 stars

3. The Burbs - An old school Tom Hanks movie. I really enjoy watching this movie. I hadn't seen it all the way through till I watch it recently. 4 stars

4. Year of the Dog - This movie was way better then I ever thought it would be. I recommend it for animal lovers. If you have pets and love animals I think you will "get it" more. Have tissues ready if you watch this movie! 5 stars

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  1. I didn't love iron man 2, It was ok. I did love the first one though.


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