It's time for a Haircut

I am getting bored with my hair. I would like something different, but I am also scared of change. I love my platinum blond hair and will NOT change that. I think adding some red or pink to it would be fun though. I haven't had bangs in many many years. I am scared I will look weird. My hair is currently grown below my shoulders. Here are 5 haircuts & coloring that I like...


I am really leaning towards the first haircut. I like the bangs and the simple look of it. BUT, will I look silly with bangs??? The second cut is really cool. It may look best on dark hair like the girl in the picture. Which cut is your favorite??

Here I am a month or so ago. My hair is a little longer now.
me air force museum


  1. I think the first one would definitely suit you, going by the photo you posted of yourself. Love your bag in the photo too - any chance you wouldn't mind sharing where you got it?


  2. Thanks! That is the one I am leaning towards! My purse is from Disney World. I bought it on vacation last June.

  3. Thanks for your reply Jessie! I'm usually quite shy and don't comment on blogs much, but I really should do it more often. Love reading your blog!
    I'm also trying to decide what to do with my hairstyle, stay with the usual or try something new. I guess the thing is it'll always grow back if you try it but don't like it.


  4. Thank YOU for your comments. I usually don't post about "getting my haircut"! lol I just do better with advise from others sometimes. :) Yes, hair will grow back, but you do have to look at it everyday! The girl that cuts my hair won't give me a haircut that I pick out if she thinks its going to look goofy on me. That is why I go to her!


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