Shower Curtain Love

I think I may have found a shower curtain for my hall bathroom. I am in love with this line by Jonathon Alder sold at Wrapables!

The Bespoke Shower Curtain

I love the pattern, and the red and white of course. All the matching bath accessories are really fun too.

This is just on option. I do have my Andy Warhol shower curtain in there right now. Its just I have so much Pop Art everywhere else. I like the more "fancy" look of the red & white curtain. I think the bathroom would look nicer that way.

The good thing about the Warhol curtain is every color in my house is on it. So it would look good. I just feel its a bit too much Warhol? (keeping in mind, that all my masterbedroom is going to be) Also, the red and white one is a totally different look.

This shower curtain is just funny.


Does anyone have any suggestions or a favorite? (My Andy Warhol can go in the basement bathroom when we do it.) Also, I was thinking of leaving the bathroom painted white. I might do a pale color if I stick with the Warhol curtain.

If you would like to see some awful pictures of our bathroom from back in April before we bought the house click here.
(by the way, we are ripping out the tile now, not painting it.)


  1. Our guest bath is the only room that's white--and eventually it will have red glass tiles, a vessel sink and red and white shower curtain! I definitely love the red and white look better for your bathroom...I think it just looks fancier and nicer than the Warhol one...plus the Warhol one seems a little busy for the bathroom and I agree with you that if you have your whole bedroom Warhol...you might do something different in the bathroom. To make a LONG story short...RED AND WHITE! :)

  2. Oh, I just love the first curtains and the accessories it comes with. and absolutely love the andy warhol... where can i buy that one at? Please and thank you!

  3. Jessie, you have done so much. Your house looks sooooooo cool. Yes to the shower curtain as well!

  4. Belle ~ the Warhol curtain came from Meijer. I have had it for a few years now. If I were you I would look on ebay or something. It will be tricky to find I think. :(

  5. Another thing that I didn't say about the shower curtains, is that I don't like being able to see through the Warhol one. I will figure it out. lol I am glad I just found a shower curtain I liked, it never happens. :)

  6. i like the first one. it's classier but not prim and proper... the warhol one isn't my type :P

  7. Thanks for the comments. Everybody really helped me make up my mind. The red & white one. I will keep the Warhol for the basement. :)

  8. Hi Jessie. This is my first time visiting your blog and it looks great. I love your andy warhol shower curtain...where did you find that??? I am going to post a link in my blog to your blog because of an article I am writing on retro bathrooms. I am definitely going to subscribe to yours and would really like if you would do the same for me. :)

    my link: http://dayandagedesign.blogspot.com/

  9. Where did you get the Warhol curtain?

  10. Tiff, I got the shower curtain at Meijer about 8 years ago. Maybe check ebay or do a google search for Andy Warhol shower curtain. :)


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