80's Flashback!

Collecting. Most everybody collects something, or LOTS of somethings. ;) What started as one Smurf Figurine, then a Carebear, turned into ALOT. I am posting about this because my husband and I have been talking about finishing our basement. Its going to be awhile before we have the funds, or time to do it. Here is some photos of SOME of my stuff.

Carebear Figurines

Get-Along-Gang & Glow worms


My Little Pony

Strawberry Shortcake

Alot of different stuff. I collect just about anything.

Here is a BIG part of my stuffed animal collection I have. Along with a green vinyl couch I used to own. I deeply regret selling it now.

My Smurf's are the BIGGEST part of my collection. Mushroom Houses & almost 200 figurines.

Since I am blessed with a new IKEA store in the spring of 2008, I will be able to purchase display furniture/pieces when I need them!!! woohoo! Here is one of my favorite pieces that IKEA sells.

DETOLF Display Cabinet for only $59.99 (link)

This RED cabinet is another great buy!

BIBY Cabinet $79.99 (link)

Last but NOT least, I will have to have these....

EXPEDIT Bookcase $149.00 (link)
I think we can ALL find the expedit shelves from IKEA helpful and easy to fit into any decor. I want to display my stuffed animals on the shelves.

Oh how I dream up decorating and designing our basement. Finally a room for my collection. We are also planning on making it a media room, along with a card table. For now though, its a dream and a goal.


  1. I love that you collect toys from the 80's. Last year I started collecting all the Barbies I had from when I was little.
    My husband wants those same shelves, but he wants them to display the shoes he collects :)

  2. Very cool! I love it when people have collections of different, unique things! I also love your 'Jingle' ornaments. They are so cute-along with the red and white polka ones! Looove it! :)

  3. Jessie, I also want the Expedit. Will you and your hubby come and assemble it for me? Honestly, I am so lazy - I am in awe of your reno project.

    Love the toys. Especially the smurfs, glow worms and trolls! Trolls rock!

  4. wow, you have heaps of collections :P

    i was going to talk about one of mine soon :P

  5. when you work at an antique mall for 5 years, you end of collecting SOMETHING. :) Great thing for me, the 80's toys can still be found at thrift stores and flea markets. I don't buy anything pricey.

  6. ShirtTales, Get-a-long Gang and Smurfs are the best! They rock! :) Oh how I used to collect some stuff from those shows...some I hope is still at my mom and dad's house!


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