*Butterfly Guest Bedroom*

(This room is now my pink office. I decorated the "butterfly guest bedroom" in 2007 when we first bought the house)

I have always loved Lime Green. Lucky for me, my husband lets me paint any color I like. (unless its pink, then he draws the line.) When I first painted our guest bedroom this green color, even I thought it was too bright.

The wall color is Grape Green by Behr.

This whole room was based around the Issac Mizrahi bedding from Target. Sometimes when you see something, you know you must have it for your home. The bedding was a great balance of white, bright colors, and a modern feel. Plus, butterflies make me smile. If you would like to see my Inspiration board for this room follow the (link).

I painted "Do it for the Butterflies" over the bed. It inspires me to keep going. Butterflies are happy and free. So, when I read it, it reminds me to never give up on my dreams. Its also a line from the Adam Sandler movie, Little Nicky.

The room isn't all the way done. I plan to make cornice boxes to put over the curtain rods. I was glad I was able to throw the houndstooth pattern into the decor. Another one of my favorites!

Also, the mini-blinds will go bye-bye someday! They are there now because they fit, and we need them. Also, I have had those stupid nightstands for years. Once IKEA comes to OHIO, I plan on buying some new ones. When you are on a budget,...or just broke, you use what you got!!! lol

Here is another thing you do when you are on a budget. You go to the dollar store and buy picture frames.

The photos are pictures I printed off my computer and a Justin Timberlake cd booklet. When I find cool frames at the dollar store its like Christmas for me. :) The great thing about the room is, its very me. Anyone who knows me could see this room and know its mine. That's one of the best things about decorating.

Here is a before shot of the room. What it looked like when we bought the house.

I don't hate orange, but it did give you a headache is a 10x12 bedroom. Along, with the checkered floor. Wasn't working for me!!! lol

Want to see the day we ripped out the checkered floor? (link)


  1. You already know I am a personal fan of the grape green! It looks so refreshing in your room. I LOVE the hot picture from Queer as Folk! HIZZOT! :)

  2. it's fantastic, the bedding does tone down the bright green room :) and the houndstooth really goes in the room too :) did you make the curtain tiebacks yourself?

    i love the lamps too :)

    yeah the nightstands are not in the same style as the rest of the place huh? what about getting some shiny new drawer pulls?

  3. monkey~ you could come over my house, and you would feel right at home. Since we have alot of the same colors. hehehe Queer as Folk is my favorite tv series. :)

    Drey ~ I did think about chrome pulls, then I thought,....I just want to throw these nightstands away!!! lol I try to go to the thrift store often, in hope to find new table or stands. No luck yet. The search goes on... I am sure once I start working at the antique mall I will find stuff all the time. ;)

  4. I have been loving watching the story of your reno unravel. That is cool how you did the post and linked backward!

    How awesome working at an antique mall!

  5. drey ~ I didn't answer you about the tie backs, I am sorry. They are just pieces of fabric that I tied around the curtains. Nothing fancy.

  6. Hey I wanted to know where you get these butterfilies bedding, I has been looking for that kind of bedding cause I love them soo much, and I has designed my butterflies tattoos and painted my apartment around it, goes on... did you makes these bedding or bought it from where? that's all I wanted to know
    I love how you decorated these rooms, both have almost same taste in colors hehe! your rocks! :)
    Thanks :):)

  7. ikitty,

    thanks for stopping by my blog. I got the bedding from target. It was over 2years ago now. You may be able to search for it on ebay or something like that. :) Good luck!


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