Couch Love

I have being dreaming up designs for our basement when we finish it. Which won't be anytime soon, but if I get ideas in my head, I have to design. :)

I have been looking at many fun couches. Here are some of my favorites.

This one has to be my favorite so far. I just don't know how comfy it is. It is just really fun to look at. Would look pretty cool in my house if you ask me. (link)

This is basically just cushions, kinda like bean bag chairs. I just love the square look and the lime green. It is from Target. (link)

IKEA KARLSTAD couch (link) Comes in lots of colors and options.

Look at this great vintage 1970's couch! (link) I kinda would like to do all vintage pieces in the basement. This couch is priced around $600! Not to bad, for such a great piece.

This couch is cool, but I would like to just build a couch on my own that is like this one. (link) Make my own frame & cushions.

HOLY CRAP! I am really in love with this couch. (link) Again, looks fun, but not good for lounging and watching tv. I do think that this is my favorite. I am in love.

so many couches, so little money.......


  1. I love the one on top! I would love to have that in my home. I am really loving fuschia. The turquoise one is amazing too. I can't even bear to look at the price....

    Have you seen the Moroso sofas? I posted one my blog that I adore.

  2. How in the world do you find all these awesome things that are so pretty? Do you have websites that you check often and they just happen to have the most awesome stuff or what? :) I like the top one because of its roundness and plushness...plushness is fun to write!

  3. I just do alot of image searches on goggle and yahoo. That red one is actually sold at at store kinda close to me. :) I don't think I would buy anything online without "sitting" on it first. lol I love the round curvy couches.

  4. Just sat on the Karlstad yesterday! Actually quite comfy by Ikea standards.


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