*My Living Room*

Thank You Mr. Roy Lichtenstein for the inspiration! Wanna see my inspiration board for the decor of my living room? (Click here.)
My Living Room done.....well kinda. ;)

I realized that I spent all summer posting about rehab weekends and working on my house. I never posted my living room decorated. I had entered the CB2 COLOR contest, so my pictures were posted on there. I also uploaded them on my Flickr account, but never on my blog. So, if you haven't seen it, here it is.

In the last photo over in the corner where the teal chairs are, I want to hang some Roy Lichtenstein prints. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. We also plan on moving the TV to the basement eventually. The TV is in front of the fireplace at the moment. We just didn't have the energy to deal with the cleaning the fireplace up yet. We hope to work on the basement this winter or spring. I can't wait! MORE SPACE, and a place to display my 1980's toys!


  1. You were totally robbed on the AT contest! You should have been a top finalist! Thanks for posting pics of your living room. It looks Ah-mazing! Your cats out number my Pugs by 1.. and I thought I had a full house;)
    Mod Diva

  2. Gosh, I ADORE your living room-or pretty much your whole house! I am so jealous! I wish I had an IKEA closer. I love that store-I'm officially making my first trip to one over Christmas Break! I've got the credit card stashed away and cannot wait!! The closest one to me is 8 hours! UGHH...any advice for tackling IKEA?

  3. Laura ~ a first timer to IKEA!!! Oh gosh, you don't know what you are in for!!! :) My best advise is if you have things you are looking for or intend on buying,..make a list. If the store is busy and can be a pick crazy and overwhelming!! BUT you will have a blast. Its like being a kid in a candy or toy store! lol

    Thanks alot for the comment and stopping by my blog!!!!! :)

  4. Well thanks for the advice!! I am very excited I can hardly stand it. I have been circling things in the recent catalog-but the list is getting quite long! :)

  5. I am excited for you!!! I just remember how neat and fun it was for me to go for the first time! IKEA is so different then any other store. :)

    If you are anything like me, when I go to IKEA I buy alot, because you drove for hours to get there!!!! You feel you gotta buy everything while you are there!!!!

    good luck :)

  6. As an IKEA veteran, I would say check stock on your list on the IKEA website the evening before you go. It's usually pretty accurate. There's nothing like taking that long trip to IKEA and then finding out that they don't have anything you want in stock. Also, I usually do all my shopping for accessories (just about everything other than furniture can be found in the Marketplace)and such before I visit the (furniture) showroom. I can't seem to enjoy looking around the showroom if all I can think about is someone taking the set Ritva curtains in chocalate as I test out the new Stockhlom chair. It drives me crazy, personally. So I've learned to shop first and then browse. You may think I'm crazy now but you'll see soon enough:-D

  7. Jessie,
    How do you do your design boards? I was going to try and make one for my friend. Do you have to have a specific program?

    Thanks for the advice on IKEA. I am going to buy alot! I have to! :) I will let you know how it goes!!


  8. Laura ~

    The program I use is very old. It came with a scanner I bought years ago. Its basically a photoshop. I always just make a canvas/new project that is a 8x10 size. (just blank) Then I just copy and paste all the photos in forming a collage like thing. (the layout) I hope that makes sense. If you have any photo software on your computer you might be able to make something with it!
    I hope to get Abode photoshop elements for xmas!!



    You might be able to make something with "paint" on your computer.

  9. I love your living room. I love everything about, but what stands out the most are the pillows. Which I am looking to buy and I had an idea for my living room too to use red and white and black and white. I was wondering if you got them in IKEA because I visited IKEA this last weekend for the first time and couldn't find any pillows that I liked, but the store is amazing. I told my husband, the first time i fell in love was when I met you, the second time was when I had my son and this is the third time I am folling in love and he thought I was crazy. I was like Alice in Wonderland, I wanted to buy everything I saw. IKEA rocks and too bad, they don't have one in Upstate NY.

  10. Hello E.D.S. Dezign!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I bought those pillows a few years ago, so they may not carry them at IKEA anymore. (They actually are covers you put over pillows. They should be in their textile section of the store if they have them!) The black and white pillows with peoples faces on them, I made those pillows myself. I know that IKEA keeps putting new products out daily it seems. Their 2010 catalog should be coming out soon!!!! I feel very lucky to have an IKEA store close to my home now. I love the place so much.

    It is like being in your own world when you step in the place!! lol :)


  11. Thanks Jessie, I've just read your reply and it helps to know that they also got just covers for the pillows.


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