My Tree - December 2007

I just wanted to show my favorite photos I took of my tree this year. Putting my tree up this year really helped my husband and I to let go of our stress and make us have more Christmas spirit. Sadly we are still broke because of our house stress, but oh well. lol It didn't cost any money to put the tree up. We only spent around $10.00 on some more ornaments.

I think all Christmas trees are pretty. What matters is that it's your own and your families. Next year I hope to get the 7ft skinny tree my heart desires. :) Then I will just put up the white one in another room. Happy Holidays, and Happy Decorating.

1 comment:

  1. i love youtr tree :) fits within the space perfectly :)

    oh well, maybe next year we'll have a white tree too!


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