*My Kitchen*

The kitchen still needs some work. Its not quite done yet. It needs new outlets, under cabinet lighting, and other small things. The ceiling has some cracks in it sadly, so they will need fixed. The original kitchen was outdated and not very functional. We dreamed of having an IKEA kitchen, and we were able to use some of our escrow loan to do it.



We went with the ABSTRAKT White cabinets from IKEA. I wanted a white contemporary kitchen. Since red is my favorite color, and a theme through out our house, I thought it was a perfect color choice for the room that is the heart of our home.

We flipped the island/bar to the other side of the kitchen. It is alot more functional this way. The kitchen feels and looks so much bigger now.

I hope to get my barstools that I want for Christmas. (link)

I love that you can see KYLIE while in the kitchen!



Here is the Dining Area. We do have the trim up now.

My white vase collection.

We ripped out the old china cabinet that was in the dining area. We hope to buy more cabinets and put them in this area in the future.

Here is a detailed photo of our tile backsplash. I picked this tile, because I felt it had a vintage retro feel.

Oh, and I *heart* my faucet!!!! Its from Moen, sold at Home Depot. The red wall color is called Code Red, it is a Disney color sold at Home Depot.


  1. You already know I love your style. I just can't imagine living in such a beautiful home! Maybe I should imagine it. :)

    I love the red with the generous amounts of white. It's totally cool how you put the watermark on your pics, too. Nice touch. Looks professional.

  2. I try to be professional. ;)

    My designs are unique, and I am proud of them. :)

  3. The kitchen is HOT.. Red is your favorite color? Me too! Now, this is ridiculous. You really are my design sister from another mother! The rooms all look so great! Oh, I meant to ask you.. what do you guys do in the living room for window coverings? Or do you guys just leave the windows open so everyone can see how fierce your house is? Because I would;)
    Mod Diva

  4. We just let people look in. If they slow down at night I wave at them. lol

    We hope to move our tv to the basement someday....and have a little bar, card table, etc....down there. I refuse to hang window treatments. lol

  5. love the kitchen and dining room....where did you guys get the red circle rugs?

  6. miranda~ thanks alot! The rugs are from IKEA, $9.99 each.

  7. Love the kitchen! I really like that little white clock...where is that from?

  8. The clock is from retro online. Its in my links on the side of my blog. It was around $30! It comes in lots of colors too!!

  9. Love your dining area and your collection of white vases!


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