UK Home Boutique

I was looking for Andy Warhol prints the other day, and found this site. It has nothing to do with Andy Warhol, but I still found it.
Its a store called, Topshop Pussy. They sell Homewares, Paul Frank items, books, and their website it really cute.
Here is the item that came up in my "Warhol" search.....

I would "LOVE" to have this. lol The Love Mirror! I might ask for it for Xmas. :)
Here is a bunch of other goodies that SHOULD be in MY home!!!

Click HEREfor the link to these products.
I love the look of their store. They are in the UK,....way to far away from me to go shop.

Just thought I would post about them, maybe somebody will find something they can't live without on their online store. :)

By the way, I want this.....

Anybody got a clue of where I can find one. I do online searches and get nothing.:( Modern Seed had them for sale on their website back in 2006.


  1. Maximo Designs does all of the Alexander Girard stuff... you may want to email them. www.maximodesign.com

  2. That pillow looks like it should be in your home! Cute!


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