'10 most influential design bloggers'

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I am excited to say that Kim & Jo's blog, Desire to Inspire made the number #5! I love their own personal styles & all the hard work they put into their blog.

Some of the other blogs I had heard of, some I had not. There are so many out there, if I went to all of them I would spend 20hours a day on my computer!!!!! lol ;) My list that I try to visit everyday has grown. Also, I see so many comments from new people on my blog all the time,......and of course I go to their blogs, and it just snowballs from there!!! :)

Thanks to anyone who stops by my blog and finds it interesting. Its just me sharing what I love and what I do. Its fun. I love if I can actually inspire somebody and meet others who love design as much as I do.

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  1. Sorry Jessie, I've been so busy lately getting my house ready for selling that I just noticed this post. Thanks for the mention!


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