IKEA Bedding

I know not everyone loves IKEA as much as I do. I know alot of people are obsessed, others want anything but IKEA stuff in their homes. I for one really like IKEA bedding because its affordable. If you get sick of it, or perhaps a cat pukes on it, it can be replaced without spending an arm and a leg.

This is a new bedding from IKEA, HULDA RUND. (I still do not have the 2008 catalog!) Last night was the first time I saw it on their website. I think this is the bedding I want for my Masterbedroom.

I can't wait to hang my Monroe Warhol print!!!! Its the inspiration for the whole room. I really want to bring red into the room. (Even though I have enough red in the house!!!) We'll see. :)


  1. I agree with your red idea for the room. it would make her red lipstick punch! I love the bedding above as well (i had the similar yellow pattern but found it was way to much!) but maybe a simple duvet cover with a patterned quilt or fabric at the bottom of the bed. that way MM gets what she deserves...the spotlight!

  2. I like the Marilyn print with the Ikea bedding. I was looking at your collages again. One of them has a quote that should be your motto:

    "Take the vision and run with it..." You've certainly done that!

  3. Yes Peggy, I love that as my motto. It is what I do when I decorate. Especially for my house. I really want to go buy that bedding.

    Emily ~ You are right about giving Marilyn what she deserves! Like I said, I have some ideas. :) The room is coming to life in my head. lol


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