Rehab Weekend (end oct 07)

My red house from the stop sign across the street.

We have been working on the Masterbedroom for what feels like forever. Last weekend we finally got all the walls hung.

My husband worked on plumbing for hours. I have learned from rehabbing this house, that plumbing takes the longest and most trips to Lowe's.

Eventually it was time to mud the walls. We started with mud that only took an hour to dry. We hated it!!!! Ended up buying the 24hour stuff.

We only hated the quick drying mud because we are NOT quick at mudding. ;) lol Its nice to see a ceiling finally. This was a very scary room when we bought the house.

Here is where I am going to put a Klippan couch from IKEA. I had it in my old living room at my old house.

Here is a BEFORE shot.....scary!!!!

Here is a picture of the color I plan to paint the room. (the one on the right)

Here is a shot into the tiny bathroom.

If you came over at night, and walked up the sidewalk, here is what it would look like...

Of course, hopefully there wouldn't be a drill on the ground for people to trip on. We have alot of cleaning up to do.

Its been raining for the last few days. Sadly we have water in our basement. We have been very stressed and have not been able to enjoy working on the house at all. This whole 6 month process has been fun, except for these last few weeks. Basically we have a handful more of days to make the house look more "finished", before the bank comes and looks at it. *fingers crossed* I will post more pictures soon. :)


  1. man the house from the outside looks completely 1950s. it's utterly gorgeous. repainting the outside one day???

    the inside shot of the living room is so cute :) that yellow wall makes the space so cheery!!

    yay! so soon, you shall have your master bedroom haven!

  2. Yes, we hope to paint in the spring. I am asking everyone I know, so it can get done quick!!! I plan on painting it a bright barn red. The house has always been "the red house", I want to keep it that way! ;)

  3. It's crazy how our houses are such different styles, but our color tastes are so similar! You've seen pics of my bedroom on flickr and my blog right? My bedroom and bathroom are different shades of light blues...and I see you are doing your bedroom in blue. I always wanted a blue bedroom and finally got myself one! Yours is going to look fantastic I'm sure! :)


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