Rehab Weekend (very end of Oct 07)

Happy Halloween from my cat Simon! lol

I have painted one coat of primer on our ceiling in the Masterbedroom. I hate painting ceilings.

The ceiling will be getting sprayed with lightweight drywall mud. So,...no more ceiling painting for me!!! The walls now have primer on them too...

I actually like the walls white, but no I am not leaving them white. ;) I hope to start painting this week or upcoming weekend. We also started laying the floor down.

Simon didn't waste anytime checking out our progress in the room....

and of course "testing" it out....

We have more than half of the floor down. We ran out of daylight, and didn't want to be using the saw to cut boards late on a Sunday night.

I have been working on small decorating projects around the house.

This is my WHITE vase collection. I had left over red & white fabric from my living room pillows. I decided to frame it and place it behind my vases. I did not want to paint 5 coats of red paint behind them!!!!

This is where a ghetto homemade china cabinet used to be in our eat in kitchen area. I hope to hang shelves, etc. I have ideas, just no time or money at the moment. Here is a BEFORE photo.....

Here is a photo of my Dining Room area.

One day we will have baseboard trim!!!!! We talk about it everyday! It really bothers us and it looks terrible. Trim is a big job and the WHOLE house needs it. This is all I got for now. Hopefully I will get alot done this week. *fingers crossed*


  1. I love your collection of white vases!!! I see you have mixed ceramic and glass. I only recently started mixing ceramic and glass and I love it.

    The vase that is second from the right - do you know its source? Portuguese? I may have asked you this in the past when it was in your brown dining room. I had a vase like that, that I sold. Now I wish I hadn't. Oh well.

    Looks great.

  2. Actually that vase is from Meijers. lol I payed like $2.00 for it off a clearance shelf. I had bought tons of them as centerpieces for my wedding reception last year. :)

  3. you have been a busy bee! looks great. i kinda like that built-in china cabinet :P paint it all kinds of mod colours :P

    is that white board flooring you've got in the master?

    what's drywall mud? what's the effect on the ceiling??

  4. thanks Emily!

    Drey ~
    Drywall mud is what you put on the walls to cover the seams in the sheets of drywall. Makes everything look FINISHED.

    The ceiling spray stuff, gives its a finished look. I will post pictures when we do it. :)

    Yes its white floor,..TUNDRA from IKEA.

    I did think about leaving the China Cabinet, but it was barely put together. We hope to buy nice cabinets to put there once IKEA is built here in OHIO.

  5. I adore your rug configuration. Are they from Ikea? I have to plagerize this idea!

  6. Yes, they are IKEA rugs. They were the right shade of red and I love CIRCLES!


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