Rehab Weekends (oct 07)

Photos from early ~ mid October 2007

I have lost track of the rehab weekend #'s, and I am to lazy to try to figure it out. lol I am not the only one feeling lazy.....

The Master Bedroom is our main thing at this point and time. The picture below is just showing that I have spent alot of time insulating the room.

Before the insulation went up, my husband did some lighting. We put two recessed lights over the window in the corner of the room, and two over the bed.

We also are installing a ceiling fan. It was a last minute decision. We couldn't find one we liked. I think they are fine in taller ceiling rooms. I didn't really want one in our bedroom, but we found a smaller one.

Its from Lowes, only $89.00. I like the extra light it will give the room. :)
I did spend alot of time one rehab weekend cleaning the basement really well. I mopped the floors and moved things around. I was getting it ready for the kitty's. We have it set up nice for them. They really like it! Gives them more room to play.

We hung a bunch of toys from the beams in the ceiling.

My girls, Sammy & Lexey enjoy the retro chairs in the living room also.

This past weekend we started FINALLY hanging drywall in the masterbedroom and bathroom. This is a picture of the ceiling in the bathroom.

Here is the shower. Not a very "exciting" picture. lol This is where a tub used to sit, before we ripped it out.

We had the help of "Team Dad". lol

Then the Bedroom ceiling went up.

On the left side of this photo is where a couch will sit for a nice seating area. The right side is the tiny bathroom.

Here is a picture of the bathroom with the drywall up. Its so tiny.

All day Barrett tried to sneak into the room to see what was going on...

Its nice to see some walls in here finally!!!!

Muffins watched while everyone worked hard....

We only have a few weeks left,....and alot to do. So, cross your fingers for us. The stress of having a deadline has really kicked in.


  1. Remind me why you have a deadline...
    I love the random toilet hanging out in that one picture. :) That is a pretty cool fan...I can't believe that comes from Lowes! You're gonna have the coolest fans (and house) in the neighborhood! ;)

  2. Sadly we have a deadline because of the type of loan we have. :( We had 6 months to do the work to the house that we asked for extra money to borrow. Make sense? That's just how it worked. It was enough time, but we had gotten held up by the roofer, and other crap happening, that it slowed us down.

    The toilet has been in just about every room in the house. Really, it has. lol

  3. Gotcha, makes sense now! You could have done a whole picture series of all the interesting places the toilet went. ;)


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