The Third Annual Colors Contest

Yeah, they picked me! :)

I entered some photos of my house in the Apartment Therapy Fall Color Contest. I didn't expect to be picked and was very nervous about entering. We'll see what happens! Go check it out and vote if you feel I deserve it!!! Thanks!!

JD Design's Wow Factor!

my living room.


  1. WOW! Check you out! Go girl! Of course I will go and vote for you. Maybe you can win some money one day and buy a "Mitsubitchy." haha! That was too funny. By the way, thanks for always visiting my blog. I've enjoyed reading your blog to and us getting to know each other blogger style! WORD! (that's just me being a spaz at 9:30pm!) :)


  3. I'm glad you did so well in the contest!! Looks like you have a major chance of winning...by the time I got over there to vote, the thing had closed. :( The results look great for you though, you have to be feeling pretty proud right now! ;)

  4. Hello.. what an awesome suprise to see your house as a contestant on A.T. colors contest and then stumble upon your blog. I love your ideas and I love what you are doing to your house! You've inspired me to make up my own blog and show off what we've got going on in California. When I read your blog, and saw your links I was convinced that we were seperated at birth since we have such similar tastes. Bravo! Keep up the good work!
    Mod Diva


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