Apartment Therapy ~ Chicago Entries

Peggy over at Creative Influences posted about The Apartment Therapy "got color" contest. She shared some of her favorite entries. I thought I would do the same just for fun. This contest was the first contest I had ever entered, and I entered because it was a COLOR contest. I think my color scheme is unique and bright. (not for everybody, but for me) With that said, here is who I would pick from the CHICAGO entries.

#2 Heather's Aqua in Austin (link)

Love the little pops of red. You have to admire Heather for painting those tall walls too! She could of just left them white.

Love the way her photography looks on her walls. She uses this space for meeting with her clients.

#8 John's Bold, Bright, Day or Night (link)

Maybe black isn't "color" to everyone. I think its stunning. One of my favorite colors to paint on walls actually. John's place is homey without being cluttered.

He's a graphic designer who places his items well, not to mention puts great color combo's together!!!! He has many many votes, I am sure he is going to place.

#20 The Crew Tag Boys' Balanced Energy (link)

Well, for one, I LOVE THE FURNITURE! Look at the orange lamp!! I just love all the stuff together in this one room. It just works.

They painted the stripes themselves instead of going and buying wallpaper. Good for them!!!! Looks wonderful.

They have a PANTON chair. Not that they should win because of that,..but it helps. lol

#28 Jamie's Unorthodox Color Palette (link)

I think Jamie did a great job mixing colors and styles together. She has tons and tons of votes, so I would say she is a winner. I will say she used color, unlike some people who entered. ;)

Love the white walls opposite of the couch. Nice to see someone likes WHITE with color like I do.

Okay this is 4. That's all that will be picked in each region. I think there are many more that deserved more attention. I was sad for some that got such bad comments or none.

#7 Michael & Mindy's Sunny Chicago Loft (link)

#13 Aj's Box of Crayons (link)

#30 Moca's Color Evolution (link)

I haven't taken the time to look at the other regions to pick my favorites from them. I just wanted to look at who was going to beat me. ;) lol


  1. Entry #28 has some gorgeous unique furniture! I love the chinaman statue, the pineapple table and the lounge... to say just a few!

  2. Jessie, thanks for the mention. I love all of these too. I was very intrigued by the black walls in #8. I often wondered what it would be like to paint a bedroom black and to have black curtains - you know a room made only for the purpose of sleep.

    Heather, AJ and Micheal & Mindy were all some of my favorites.

    And it really surprised me that I liked Jamie's unorthodox. The decor is a little over the top for me, but that combination of orange and blue is fantastic. I also find the cow hide gross. (As you know I don't like animal hides or skins.) Love the round orange chairs and white pineapples and statute. A great accomplishment in decor.

    As you know, I got a little tired of brown this year and am really learning to love yellow, thanks to you.

    Your entry was by far my favorite. I hope you win! I missed it at first, but I did get a chance to vote insta-finalist! I can't wait to see you post what you choose from CB2.


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