Thrifty Finds: Harajuku "Mini" Bag

You are about to see what a dork I really am. Over a year ago I was so excited to get my first Harajuku Lover's purse. That was over a year ago and all this time I had not found another one I loved enough to purchase. Last time I went to Goodwill I found this cute Harajuku Mini bag.
Harajuku Mini Bag
It's pretty much like a child's school bag, I think?
The "mini" Harajuku stuff is sold at Target in the little girls department.
I always stop and look at it and wish I had a cute little girl to dress up in the clothing. Harajuku Bag2
I got the bag for $5.00! There was no way I could pass it up.
It's great for traveling. There are so many pockets. I love being organized, especially on a road trip.
Harajuku Bag3
The inside liner is covered in cute little burgers.
The back is striped, which I love! It also has another pocket. Great place for me to store road maps.
Harajuku Bag4
The bag really makes me smile. I can't wait to use it!


  1. How cute is this. I especially like the part that says 'nerds rule'. Awesome!


  2. It is indeed a school bag. I almost bought it at Target last year, but asked myself what I needed with a school bag lol.


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