Thrifty Finds: My Painted Nightstands

This isn't a major "diy" project, but I am excited to finally have my nightstands in my bedroom painted! I purchased the pair over 7 months ago for only $18! The were really beat up but I loved the style of them. Cody begged me to not paint them pink. I figured since he would actually have to look at the pair everyday and use one of them, I would give him his way. So, I have yet another white piece of furniture in my home, imagine that? HA!
BASE BEDROOM Painted Nightstands1
I decided to not paint the hardware. I really like it the way it is!
I may consider putting new hardware on the nightstands someday.
I do think they would be pretty in PINK. BASE BEDROOM nightstands
I am still loving my Union Jack painting! You can see how I painted it {HERE}. BASE HOUSE nightstands4
I also found my orange lamps at a thrift store, $20 for the pair. I really love them!
I want to hang mirrors or some pictures over the lamps. The walls look to empty to me.
I just haven't found anything yet. Once I feel the room is more finished I will post more photos.
For now, Cody's side of the bed...
BASE BEDROOM nightstand5


  1. Cody is famous for saying.. please don't paint it/buy pink. SIGH. LOL. I still think these nighstands were such a good buy!! I can never find pairs in anything but chairs.

  2. Love your room and I like the hardware as is too. Nice job Jessie.

  3. Thanks ladies! :) Yes, Cody's famous saying should be, "Not pink please." lol

  4. I love the lamps! I love the price even more!

  5. Thanks Gina! The lamps do look like something you would have in your home. :)

  6. The nightstands look fabulous! And I love those orange lamps!


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