Recipe: Vegan Tacos

Before Cody and I gave up meat we would eat tacos weekly. I must say I don't miss it at all! Walking by meat and ground beef makes me sick to my stomach now. It's amazing how much you change when your diet changes. (It's only been 4 months!) We decided to try making meatless tacos using soy protein by Light Life, ground beef style.
RECIPE vegan tacos These tacos are simple to make! We just followed the cooking directions on the "meatless ground beef".
It takes like 5 minutes and just a little bit of water to cook it. RECIPE vegan tacos2
We use organic taco seasoning, re-fried beans, bell peppers and salsa for our tacos!
It's all up to you what you want to put with it.
Just make sure what you buy doesn't have sugar, corn syrup or oils in the ingredients!

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