Rocky Mountain National Park

Our trip to the Rocky's Mountains over the weekend was amazing of course. I took 239 images and attempted to pick out my favorites to share with you. The temperature was around 95 degrees and once we reached the top of the mountains the temperature had dropped down to 66 degrees. It was amazing. The highest elevation we reached was 11,796 feet. I find that my pictures do not do the park justice.
It's just something you have to see yourself in person...
Rockys 3 The sky was clear and blue. Every once in awhile a few clouds would pop up. Rockys 1
Look at my crazy hair!
Rockys 2
It was a very windy road up to the top.
We actually had to stop and get motion sickness medicine at a gas station.
I was feeling very sick. The medicine saved me!
I fear that my day was about to be ruined before I took the pills.
The cashier at the gas station laughed and said it happens all the time. Rockys 4
Cody & me
What a cheesy picture right? LOL Rockys 5 Rockys 6
Kara & I pose for a picture together. :)
One of the highlights of our trip was seeing a beautiful Elk less then 20 feet away from the car... Rockys 7
Cody snapped the picture of the Elk from the backseat of the car. We felt so lucky to be that close. Rockys 8 Rockys 9
We did find a trail to hike on for a little bit, but it was so hot.
Plus we had already been driving around for 5 hours.
I slept very good that night! I was out like a baby. Rockys 10 Rockys 11
What a beautiful place. I am sure we'll be going back soon!
We hope to visit The Garden of Gods soon and also Moab, Utah this summer.
We are addicted.


  1. Holy moly!! These pictures are breathtaking! Love the one of you guys kissing at the Continental Divide sign. How romantic!!

  2. Thanks Shanna. It was a very beautiful place.

  3. Aw I have never been to the Rocky Mountains! They look so beautiful (and a bit hot too)! I love the pictures with the deers!


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