Our Weekend - Cody's Dad Visits

For months Cody's mom had been plotting a surprise trip for Cody's dad to come visit us in Wyoming. She bought his dad a plane ticket and arranged for him to be off work a few days around Father's Day weekend! Cody's dad was so happy to get the surprise gift for Father's Day! Cody had not seen his dad since last year in August when we were in Ohio for only 2 weeks. Needless to say they were very happy to see each other...
Cody & His Dad 6.15.2012
I like having people visit us also because they get to see our new life.
The scenery in Wyoming is much different than Ohio.
I have already grown very fond of the plains, rock sculptures, mountains, parks and the windmills...
On Saturday Cody and his dad spent some one on one time together while I did a little shopping by myself.
Sunday was spent going to Vedauwoo National Park for a hike!
That was 2 weeks in a row for us! You can see last weeks post HERE.
Here are some of my favorite pictures I captured this weekend...
Vedauwoo FDay1 Of course little Chloe got to go on another rock climbing adventure!
She loved every moment of it!
Vedauwoo FDay 2 Vedauwoo FDAY 3
The picture of us is a perfect example of why you don't let a short girl hold the camera and take the picture!
My little arm just can't hold the camera out far enough.
I swear this picture of Cody and his dad was not staged!
I just caught a moment where they were both fascinated with the scenery... Vedauwoo FDay 4 Vedauwoo FDAY 5 Wyoming defiantly offers some beautiful parks and we have much more to explore!
I am so glad that Cody's dad was able to visit.
Want to see my last Vedauwoo post? Go HERE.


  1. Cute pictures...seems like a fun day!


  2. omgosh!
    how gorgeous!
    i love hiking. its so fresh and refreshing haha.
    super awesome scenery!

  3. I love that you forget about everything else. It's very relaxing!

  4. I love the photos! I have never been to Wyoming, but this looks so beautiful! I have to visit someday!

  5. Thanks. I love photographing nature. All the "western" states are pretty.


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