Travel: Vedauwoo, Wyoming

Over the weekend our friends Dan and Kara took us to the Vedauwoo National Park located in Wyoming about 45 minutes from where we live. It is the first National Park that we have had the chance to visit since we moved to Wyoming. It was a gorgeous day for a hike up the rock formations. We climbed up to an elevation of 8000 feet. We took Chloe with us to see how she would do hiking.
Vedauwoo7 There were people climbing straight up some of the rock walls. I bet it is so fun! Of course I took a lot of pictures.... Veduawood2 When we first drove in this was one of the first formations we saw from the car. Vedauwoo1 Chloe had no idea what she was in for! As soon as we got out of the car she was ready and excited Vedauwoo3
We started our climb to the top. Vedauwoo4
I love nature so much. The rocks were so beautiful. Everything so untouched. Vedauwoo5 Vedauwoo6 Vedauwoo9 We stopped to take a moment to enjoy the scenery. Vedauwoo8
Then a water break for Chloe and us. Then back to going UP HIGHER... Vedauwoo10
Chloe was amazing. She had never done anything like this and PULLED US most of the time. Vedauwoo11 Then we reached the top. What a view! Vedauwoo12 Vedauwoo13 Vedauwoo14 Vedauwoo15 Then we headed back down. Vedauwoo16 Vedauwoo17 Vedauwoo18 What do you do after a hike that kicks your butt? Get Starbucks. We had soy milk lattes by the way. Vedauwoo19
Chloe was so tired and went to sleep as soon as we got back in the car. It was a great day! Cody and I had a blast and feel so lucky to have met our new friends Kara and Dan. It's nice to find people who have the same interests as you do. I met Kara and Dan when I was working at the animal shelter a few months back. I actually adopted them out a dog. We got to talking during the adoption and really hit it off. Kara ironically is also from Ohio and grew up in a town about 20 minutes from where Cody and I grew up in Ohio, but we all ended up in Wyoming. I guess it really is a small world after all!
I am so glad I got one of the parks I wanted to visit off my travel to do list!



  1. I love the picture of you near the huge rock. I would have went to Starbucks as well after that huge work out!!! Happy you have Kara and Dan!

  2. That huge rock just made me look even smaller! LOL It is nice finding friends who you actually have things in common with. :)

  3. Stunning pictures. I love hiking so much. The gorgeous views never disappoint! Your dog is a champ for doing that hike and it looks like she loved it.

  4. She did really love it. She wasn't walking well for a few days after though. Now she is back to normal. Can't wait to go back. I really want to head to Moab, Utah sometime!

  5. Great pictures! I love seeing Chloe having so much fun!


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