This is my first official giveaway for My Mod Style readers and followers.
GIVEAWAY pic french press
Mr. Coffee did not provide this item for me, I purchased it myself to give to one lucky person! I felt it was time to give back to my readers, hopefully most of you are coffee drinkers! If not, hopefully my next giveaway will be something you will like. :)
Why a french press you may ask?
Well I am a huge coffee lover and until recently I had never tried french pressed coffee. WOW! What a taste difference. I am officially hooked and hope to do the same to you! Your welcome. A common question I get when I tell people that I now drink french pressed coffee is, "How do you make it?" Not only is this a giveaway post, it's a step by step post showing you how it's made.
Step 1 // You need a coffee grinder & some whole bean coffee!
Step 2 // For 2 cups of coffee, I use a coffee scoop to measure out about 2 1/2 scoops of the beans.
Then place them in the grinder. FRENCH PRESS2 Step 3 // Use the grinder to make the beans into coffee grounds. Then pour your grounds into the press. FRENCH PRESS3 Step 4 // Boil enough water for 2 cups of coffee. Then pour the water into the press. Stir. FRENCH PRESS4 Step 5 // Place the lid over the press and let sit for 5 minutes or longer. FRENCH PRESS5 Step 6 // Push the the press lid down slowly. Pour into a mug. Enjoy! :) FRENCH PRESS6
I realize that not everyone will have a coffee grinder. Most grocery stores sell whole beans by the pound and allow you to grind your beans there, so that is an option. Since we got our press we have retired our old coffee maker. This is the only way we drink our coffee now. Good thing is I tend to drink less coffee now since it's more "work" to fix. It is easy to do, but makes less. Which keeps me from drinking a whole pot of coffee! YAY!
Let's move on to the giveaway part!
If you are interested in winning a brand new Mr. Coffee French Press here are my guidelines:
Each person is aloud up to 2 entries!

- ENTRY 1 // You have to be a follower of my blog or become a follower through Google Friend Connect.
- ENTRY 2 // You have to be a Facebook follower or become a Facebook follower.

At this time those are the only 2 ways I am offering entries.

Just leave me a comment for each entire, stating that you are a follower through Google connect and/or Facebook! Please leave an email address or a link to where I can contact you if you are selected the winner! I will close the giveaway on Monday 6.18.2012 and announce the winner! Don't be shy! Please enter and good luck! :)


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  4. omg! i love coffee! im a blog follower and am headed over to your fb page :)
    and i LOVE the french press.
    ps. super super cute toaster :)

    if you love shopping ive posted up some great finds :)

    happy monday!


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