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I have decided to open my blog up to advertising starting in July. I only am looking to do sponsorships with other bloggers, Etsy shops and small businesses. No Google ad sense here! I really hope to help bloggers grow and help creative people sell their goods.

Last month was the first month in 5 years of blogging that I actually blogged everyday! I realized that if I am going to spend all this time on my computer, that I want to take blogging more seriously. My blog is such a great creative outlet for me. It's so fun meeting new people and stepping into a little piece of their life! I also enjoy sharing bits of my life with my readers.

My Mod Style has gone to a 3 column layout to give my sponsors better exposure. All the advertisements / banners will be place on the right side of the screen. Below are the sizes and prices....

I am looking for businesses and blogs that fit the general theme of my blog.
Interior Design, Photography, Vintage, Thrifting, DIY Projects, Art, Fashion, 
Being Vegan and things related to Nature and Animals!
If you aren't sure if your product, website or blog fits what I am looking for just ask!

AD Space Page Picture

LARGE AD SPACE:                                                                                                                             $12 per month 

I will only allow a few of these sized ads a month.
You will be given the option to do a guest post of your own on my blog: Promote your blog or business!
You can also host a giveaway if you'd like.

MEDIUM AD SPACE:                                                                                                                             $7 per month

Your ad will be placed underneath the large ads.
They will be placed in the order that they are booked.
I will feature your blog or business in a "about my sponsors" post.
You can also host a giveaway if you'd like.

SMALL AD SPACE:                                                                                                                               $4 per month

Your ad will be placed underneath the medium ads.
They will be placed in the order that they are booked.
I will feature your blog or business in a "about my sponsors" post.

The ad sizes are designed to fit my sidebar of course. If you are unable to design your ad, I will take care of that for you for no extra charge! This is something we can talk about in detail through email. I ask that there are no flashy or blinking ads. (They hurt my eyes!)

I hope to help promote small businesses and help other blogs grow! I hope to keep growing My Mod Style daily. I blog everyday and love every moment of it! I hope you will be with me along the way! Another option is swapping ad space for free.

I am kicking off my new sponsorship program by offering a "buy one month, get one month free" deal!

"BUY ONE MONTH, GET ONE MONTH FREE" is pretty clear of what it is! Book an ad space for the month of July and I will also keep it up through the whole month of August! Woo-hoo!

Ready to book ad space?
I look forward to hearing from you!
Feel free to contact me with any questions or other collaboration ideas you may have. :)
You can also visit my sponsorship page!

*All ad space payments are accepted through paypal. Ads start and end based on the calendar month. I will only accept sponsors that I feel fit my blog. I have the right to deny ad space to blogs or businesses that I do not feel fit my blog or something I want to share with my readers. Thanks.


  1. Jessie, this is such a great a great idea the way you're doing this! I love it and I really LOVE the design of your blog! I'm looking to fix (spruce up)mine, since I just had my 1st year Blog Anniversary! Maybe you can help!

    7eventh Letter


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