I haven't been posting a lot on my blog because I haven't been near my computer. I have been out doing stuff and I am only going to get busier. Cody comes home to Ohio in 12 days!! I took a few days this week to go look at Sofas. The selection in Wyoming is limited, so I figured I should look while I was here. I decided to go somewhere I never would think to look, Macy's. The best part is they will ship to my apartment in Wyoming! I am waiting for Cody to get here so he can help me make the decision. Of course he is an awesome husband and says to me, "Just get what you want. I trust you!" (AMAZING!) I did find a couch that I can get made in pink, but I won't do that to him! lol Here are a few of my favorite sofas from Macy's...

The Chloe
This sofa is covered in a micro fiber velvet. The sofa looks so grown up and I love it's curves. I think a Warhol Marilyn Monroe print would look great over it!
I like both colors that it comes in, not sure which one I would get. Probably the gray. The only "bad" thing about this sofa is, I don't think Cody and I can really cuddle together on it. If I went with this sofa collection I would get the sofa for Cody and the love seat for me. lol I am in love with the Chloe collection!! The chair is very cute also...
I love the chrome lamps they had at Macy's. I really want a set of big chrome lamps...
Then there is the Milo sectional that I love but it's not as comfy as the Chloe. You would think it is. I really want a couch that we can lay together on and put our legs up on! That is why the sectional is good for us...
The sectional does come in a dark gray. The back cushions are really comfy but the seat is kinda firm. This is when I need Cody's feedback on the couch before I spend the money!!! Last but not least, there is the Elliot...
This sofa is super comfy and does come in gray also. (I really want a gray sofa!) I would get the ottoman for sure so Cody can put his feet up! I love the cute chair...

Decisions, Decisions!!! Which one do you like for me? I think the first two are the most modern looking. The Elliot may not be contemporary enough, but I think it may work once all my other stuff is with it. It all comes down to comfort! Cody and I love to watch movies and cuddle! If we can't do that, then there is not point.


  1. I have the older moldel of the Chloe. NOT comfortable at all. I got it for looks and the color.. but I await our PCS so I can donate this thing. We can't cuddle on it. I don't think the Elliot is for you. It is NICE, but I can't see you hanging Marilyn above it. LOL. I LOVE LOVE the Milo Sectional.

    Only because you live in Ohio.. have you tried American Signature Furniture/Value City. I worked there and their products are wonderful. Their version of the Milo is called the "Soho" and it's amazing and cheaper than Macy's! Same quality as Macy's as well. Look at the Casa Moda collection as well. I have a lot of things from that line and they seem to be your style. They have a version of the Elliot as well (in a sectional).. called the Solace. Check them out online. I think you will love them. Sorry about this book of a post- but I love furniture shopping! Tell me what you end up getting.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, its helps!!! I did look at Value City a week ago. I will research all the sofas you suggested. Sadly there are no Value City stores out west. Cody loves the Elliot, and I am not sure it is modern enough for us. I think it will take us forever to decide on a sofa. lol Thanks for the novel, you can leave me one anytime. :)

  3. Do you know the name of the sofa that can be ordered in pink??? I've been looking for something pink for my sitting area but I've had no luck at all : / I live in Ohio as well so our options are probably about the same : )

  4. Ninah,

    Here is the link to the sofa that you can order in a pink color:


  5. Thank You sooo much!!! My husband and I were just at Frontroom Furnishings a few months ago too...I really appreciate it! ; )

  6. Hi Jessie, so good to see you planning your decor in your new apartment! It's going to be fun to follow. Here's my humble opinion: I like the Chloe, but if you can't cuddle on it, there's no point. You didn't move across the country to be with your man not to be able to cuddle!

    I like the sectional, but you said it's not comfy. And I think you're right, the Milo is too traditional looking.

    In the first picture - did you see the green dining chair? I think you need that. And I love, love, love the chrome lamp. I could see you going dark, gray sofa, chrome lamps (I think you have a couple don't you), then hot pink accents. So many decisions, isn't it fun?

    Did you explore the vintage sofa options? Seems I've also written a novel. :)

  7. I ordered my sofa from Macy's, and I love it! Their customer service is A+.


  8. We bought our couch from Macy's about 6 months ago. We are so happy with it!


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