2 Many Totes

What I have been doing. Moving totes and more totes. I think I will dream about totes tonight.Moving Stuff to Storage - 7.25.11
I really missed my Saturn VUE while I was in California. I hadn't driven it since April. Today I decided to start bringing stuff that was at my parents garage to my storage unit. Most all of it is my 1980's toy collection. Today was 91 degrees instead of 98, so I decided to move things in the "cooler" weather. HA! (I took two showers today!) I was pleasantly surprised to get as many totes as I did in one trip!!! It was a productive day.
Moving Stuff to Storage - 7.25.11
Sadly I still have a lot more to do. Lots of big pictures and mirrors to bubble wrap. Any suggestions on a good way to move my 42" flat screen tv? We have decided to let the Air Force do the move. We don't want to mess with it!
Storage Unit -  7.25.2011

Tomorrow I am taking the day off to spend time with a close friend. Wednesday I will be back to work. More totes and bubble wrap.


  1. I have NO idea how we are going to move our TV. We've been in deep discussion about this for months and months. When you find out, let me know. I am also very jealous of all your totes. I think thats such a cool way to move. Sure beats 1000 boxes.

  2. I hate boxes! I like the totes because they all fit perfect. I just found out yesterday that TMO (the air force hiring a company to move your stuff for you) will open everything up and take inventory of everything!!!! I am annoyed about that! I spent so much time packing and now it's all gotta be opened!! Not going to be a fun day! :( Cody thinks they will wrap some of the stuff for you. So, hopefully that is the case with the TV! If I were you, I would start asking everyone to keep big boxes for you NOW, maybe there will be a box big enough for your TV!!! I got to be honest, this part (tech school) has been even harder then basic training! I hope it's not that way for you! I wish you luck! This Air Force wife stuff is tuff!

  3. Moving is the worst! I wish you all the best... Stay motiveated!

  4. Great packing and storing! The use of those plastic boxes looks safe and free from getting wet. It's good that you put labels, too, for easy recognition because your boxes mostly have the same kind. Also, labeling lets you know which boxes you should carry and transport with extra care. Putting plastic on furniture will help in keeping them dust-free. Thank you for sharing this post!



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