Weekend 12 & Goodbye

This weekend was spent getting my car ready for its next road trip. Cody helped me clean my car up and Muffins watched wondering where her mommy was taking her this time.

cody and muffins july2011

Today Cody and I had to say goodbye to each other. I was pretty sad all day. My stomach had a knot in it and I was full of anxiety. I felt like I did when I had to say goodbye to him back in March. This time isn't as bad, but I am a baby. I will proudly admit it. Cody kept trying to make me laugh, but I would just start to weep again. I know we won't be apart long, but any day without him is lonely for me.

8x8 cody me july42011

Tomorrow I am off to UTAH. I will try to keep my blog updated, but I can't promise anything since I know I will be busy and super tired! (and I don't own a "smart" phone with Internet. lol) I hope everyone had a great 4Th of July weekend!


  1. Wishing you a safe journey, dear heart. I'll say it again. You are so very lucky to have found love like that. Some of us never find it. I am glad that you appreciate and cherish it. You'll be in my prayers. xxoo

  2. I hope you enjoy my home state (Utah) and have a safe drive!

  3. What a wonderful couple you make! I wish you a safe journey and hope you´ll reunite with your love very soon!

    xx Ivana


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