Oh the life of a Military Wife!

I am beyond frustrated at this point. I am super excited and super happy that I can say that I am a Military Wife. I am so proud of Cody and I totally support his decision.

I am glad I have already gotten to see California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Oklahoma all in my travels to see or be with my husband. I love being on the road and site seeing. BUT, then comes all the stress of moving. It's not a normal move, those don't bother me. It's a, " I have no idea where I am going to live or where do I start", kinda move. The main problem for me is that they don't give Cody a briefing on everything till like a week before he graduates! That is crazy! I am not waiting to find a place to live till 2 weeks before we are due to show up in Wyoming!

How am I figuring this out and what am I doing?

Well, we have pets. If you have pets I find that landlords don't like you. It really limits your selection on housing options. My pets have been with me through thick and thin and they are my family. I can not even bear the thought of having to get rid of them. ITS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME. If I start to even talk to Cody about it I begin to cry. I do not understand why so many landlords do not allow them. Landlords can just charge higher rent or HUGE pet deposits if they are that worried about it! I would be willing to pay what I have to pay to keep my pet family.

I have found many listings on Craigslist that fit our needs in a home, but sadly they never work out. They are either scam artists or I just never get a return call because apparently renting to an Air Force couple is to stressful for them!? I don't really know.

My current plan is just to drive out to Wyoming and be pushy. Go look at places and hopefully pick one. I am really hoping that this is something that I can do in just a few days. I am ready to find a place and be done with it. I want to be able to sleep at night.

Moving all my crap across the country:

Once I finally get to Ohio I will have to decide if I am going to hire a company to drive our stuff to Wyoming or if we will drive a Uhaul. We plan to hire a company ourselves and just drive our SUV to Wyoming. Unfortunately Cody is not aloud to travel more then 500 miles a day when moving. It will be a long 3 days in the car with unhappy pets. (God, I am not looking forward to this at all!!!) I am nervous about things getting broken during the move. I just need to wrap things really well.

The Hopefully Outcome in the next few weeks:

I hope to go to Wyoming and find us a home. Go to Ohio to visit and get all my things organized. I will miss Cody like crazy. I can not stand being away from him even for a day! (Kudos to the woman who go months at a time without their husbands! I am not cutout for that without falling apart!) Cody is my everything. My life and best friend! I told him that my most favorite thing in the world is sleeping next to him. That is pure happiness for me.

Cody will be in Ohio around August 3rd. We will both be in Ohio for 2 weeks, then head to Wyoming. I just hope I have something rented and keys in hand. I don't want to mess with hotels and not having a place to call home. My job right now is to be the best wife I can be and plan everything for my husband so he has no worries.

The whole problem in a nutshell is that I am a "planner" and not being able to plan things out drives me crazy!!! Cody keeps telling me, "Don't worry about things you can't control!" I know he is so right and that this was what was going to happen when we became a military family. This is how I am wired though and I will attempt to plan things as much as I can.

On a happier note: I will get to see an old friend from High School as I drive through Utah. We also have friends in Wyoming. It will be nice to see some familar faces. It will make my trip a more pleasant!


  1. I would have Cody find out if the military will cover the move stuff. I know when we were military that families had their stuff moved from home to their base station paid by the military. Hope that helps!


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