Well I made it to Ohio! I took two days to drive here. I couldn't drive 1,200 miles by myself in one day! I drove from Wyoming to Iowa, then Iowa to Ohio.
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I made this fun map of all the states I have driven through this year. All the pink states are this year, the turquoise states are places I have been in the past.

USA MAP / Places I've been

I am very proud of myself. If you would of asked me just a year ago if I ever thought I would drive across the country, I probably would of laughed. It amazes me how life always is full of surprises and how one decision leads to so many events happening. I am glad that I took Muffins with me. She does so well in the car and loves being with me. I took this cute picture of her being lazy in our hotel room bed...
muffins bed logo
So, of course since I am back in Ohio that means I did find a place for us to live in Wyoming. I ended up just renting a typical apartment in a complex. Not what I wanted, but everything else fell through. The apartment is large enough for all my stuff though. Now that I am in Ohio I have a lot of people to see and things to do! Today I visited with a close friend and ate at one of my favorite places to eat, Chickfila!
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I will try to keep posting on my blog with my morning coffee!

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