Yesterday my friend Dan and I went on a short road trip in Indianapolis. One of my favorite antique shops is located there, Midland Antique Mall. Midland is located in a huge warehouse. It always has unique fines and lots of Mid Century Modern furniture. It's a hip place that plays techno type music while you shop. I like it because its different.
Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011I loved this Indianapolis graphic poster
Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011
Midland has 2 floors of booths. There are showcases with expensive things on the main floor. Sadly they have no air condition in the warehouse, so we looked as quickly as we could. They have a decent selection of vintage clothes at Midland.
Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011
I loved this gold colored vintage sofa. It was only $80 and very comfy! If we would of had a truck, it would of been mine. I loved this display!
Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011
Dan and I went to the Castleton Square Mall to have lunch. Well, they had a Disney store which meant they had Vinylmations. They had a sale going on where if you bought one Vinylmation you got another for free.
Vinylmations 7.30.2011
I was super excited about being able to purchase some Vinylmations in person instead of online. Dan and I had a lot of fun! We also visited the Exit 76 Antique Mall. It is very large and has something there for everyone! I highly recommend it.


  1. This place looks FANTASTIC! I'm going to Indy in a coouple weeks, and I'm going to try to convince hubby to make a stop here!

  2. so i saw these vinylmations at city walk and though of you. at least i think i was looking at the right ones. took a pic for you. i post it next week. no blogging on my vacay! take care!


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