I made it to Wyoming safe and sound. The first day of traveling was over 13 hours in the car and 807 miles. I had gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before! When I got to my hotel in Salt Lake City I was VERY HAPPY.
traveling 3
The second day started with breakfast with my friend Scott. I was to sleepy the night before to visit with him. It was a nice way to start off my second day!
scott and me july62011
After seeing a few more states, I still love Arizona the most! It is so beautiful there. Traffic was to heavy for me to take any photos of Las Vegas when I drove through it. Here are a few pictures that turned out pretty good for being taken from inside a car going 80mph...
traveling 2
traveling 1
Now I have to get down to business and find us a place to live. Hopefully I will be back on here with some good news SOON!! *fingers crossed*

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