Victorian Modern

How do you feel about mixing Victorian & Modern styles together? I love it! I love Victorian spaces filled up with Contemporary and Modern decor.
Victorian Modern RoomFamily-room-with-bay-window-design
Features I love about Victorian homes are the tall windows, wood floors, beautiful fireplaces and crown moldings. I am one of those people who likes to paint any and all the wood white! Yes, some people think it is a crime. In my defense though, I would never paint woodwork that is in good or excellent condition. I have looked at many Victorian homes and not purchased some of them because the woodwork was in good condition. I can not live in a home that has "dark woodwork" in it. That's just me. I thought this living room was beautiful...
10548Picture 1
I am in love with Erika's Dining Room from Small Shop Studio. Her whole home is beautiful, but her dining room makes my jaw drop! I love the mixture of furniture, gray walls and those pillows!
Small Shop Studio
Apparently I love gray now. I have been looking at gray sofas and I love gray rooms. This post today was inspired by the fact that I found a Victorian home for rent in Wyoming where Cody and I are moving. Not sure if we are going to bite the bullet and rent it or not. Sadly, you don't get much time to think about things. It will be gone if I don't decide fast. The rent is about $100 more then I wanted to pay, but its a 3 bedroom home with plenty of space for all my stuff. Plus, it would be fun to decorate. I need that decorating outlet!!! The landlord will let me paint also. I love the idea of not sharing walls and being in a home. Everything fits except the price. I just gotta think about it a day or so.

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