A Few More Vinlymations

A few weeks ago Cody and I got a huge amount of Vinylmations while they were on sale. They were mostly the Clear Series. After we got them I purchased some more while they were still in stock. I was super excited because they put the Runaway Brain Mickey Vinylmation on their website! Cody and I call him "Zombie" Mickey. lol
Vinylmations1 june2011
I bought 9 more Vinylmations from the Clear Series. We only needed 3 more colors to complete the set of 12. Sadly, I only got one that I needed. The purple one...
Vinylmations2 june2011
We weren't as lucky the 2nd time around. Now we have 11 Vinylmations to trade when we visit Disney again. Trading is really fun though! It will make our next vacation more exciting. Here are the 11 I have to trade...
Vinylmations3 june2011
Cody and I may go to Downtown Disney in Anaheim California to do some trading. We'll see, if not I will save them for our next vacation to Disney World.


  1. this is crazy. i never knew these things existed. love the fact that you are dedicated to your collection. make me want to start collecting something for my self!

  2. Collecting these things is so addictive! lol It's fun because Cody likes them also. Hopefully I get to display all of my toy collection in my next home!!! :) You should totally collect something! Its so much fun!! Just pick something that won't take over your whole house!


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