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Amber emailed me about decorating her bedroom. She is moving into a new home and has a clean slate to work with. She fell in love with Frankie's Room from Wake Up Frankie. She asked me to give her ideas and suggestions on how she can make her new room look like Frankie's Room.
frankies room collage

I love the colors and design of Frankie's Room. I selected decor and furniture that are very similar. The possibilities for decorating a room with such a pretty theme are endless. Frankie used some vintage and antique pieces in the room. I would definitely suggest shopping at flea markets, antique shops and thrift stores to find some great furniture and decorative items. Spray paint and painted furniture is perfect for a room like this. Here are my design boards below...
design board ambers bedroom1{LINKS}
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design board ambers bedroom2{LINKS}
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I really hope that this inspires Amber! She could easily paint gold scrolls on her walls to get the same look as Frankie's Room. Decorating her room with a Hollywood Glam look is going to be so much fun! Happy Decorating Amber!

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