Weekend 10 & A Military Life Update

This week has been a little different for Cody and I. Our "weekend" actually started on Wednesday June 15th. Cody was off Thursday and Friday, instead of this Saturday and Sunday. We didn't get to really do anything because we had to stay close to the base. We spent a lot of our time trying to figure out what we are going to do in the next few months.

me planning trip june2011

Another road trip is in my future and I have to make the decision of when I am going to take it and if I will wait for Cody, or if I will go alone. There is 2,450 miles to be traveled from where I am now to where I need to go in Ohio. When leaving California I must stop in Wyoming along the way, because that is where Cody and I will be moving to in August!

I have to find somewhere for us to live. I have been looking for a place for us to live since April! The "hunt" keeps coming up empty. I am not having any luck at all. Sadly, we are unable to buy a home because we had to do a short sale on our house. Even though we have excellent credit and money, those things don't matter apparently. The banks have changed the laws making it to where we have to wait 2 years to buy again. It has just added to our stress! We want a home. I want a place I can decorate. I can't do the crazy decorating things I want to do in a rental!!

decorating collage june2011

I may have found an apartment, but someone is still living in it which is making it hard for us to see it. I am scared we will lose out on it, since we are in California and it is 1,200 miles away from me!!! So, I just keep looking!

We have to go to Ohio to get all of our stuff in the beginning of August and then be settled in to our new "home" by the end of the August. I am already feeling the stress of the move coming. Not to mention all the stress of just finding a place to live and hoping that everything works out. I am not sure what I am going to do. Not sure how much longer I will stay in California. If Cody and I will travel together or separate. The thing is, I know that things always work out. I am trying to remember that and play it over and over in my head. We knew this was coming and now its time to deal with it.


  1. you can do it girl! i lived in dorm/apartments for 4 years! you just gotta get creative (even more than you already are :) ) good luck and hope its as stress free as possible!

  2. Thanks Lauren! I know things will work out!

  3. One thing I learned about being a military wife is don't count on a move until you get the actual orders in hand. Military is notorious for changing plans at the last second. Good luck!

  4. Dan&John,

    AMEN to that! I am not renting anything to he gets his orders!!

  5. Jessie, I'm a silent reader.. and I was just thinking to myself, "Did they ever find the first duty station". Im guessing you did! My husband left for BMT early June and I am already stressing. Your designs and ideas are wonderful!!! I'm sure everything will come together.

  6. B.,

    Thanks for the comment. It means a lot. Apparently I have lots of Military wives reading. I suppose you read my posts when Cody went through BMT? Man, its been a Roller coaster, but mostly an exciting one! lol I wish you luck with everything and if you ever have any questions please email me! Just count down the weeks, not days. It flies by! (and write him like crazy!!!!) :) I know it took me forever to share the "Wyoming" thing. We actually found out like a week after I got to California. We are super excited!

  7. Ok so i justt spent th past 2 hours looking through your site, and let me tell you, your design boards are breath taking. I kind of wanted to know if you could make me one. heres my email: love.peace.jean@hotmail.com. I would like to email you the details instead of taking up awhole page trying to explain what im going for. Thank you so much for your time.
    -Betty Jean

  8. Thanks BJeanB! I love when I can inspire people! I will email you soon! :) Look forward to working with you!!!!


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