Weekend 9 - Holy Vinylmations Batman!!!

This weekend we didn't do any site seeing around California. Cody had to work on the base for part of Saturday, so there was no reason to make plans. Instead we spoiled ourselves with Vinylmations. This is what happens when the Disney store has a sale...
vinylmations cody thumbs up
One of the fun things about collecting Vinylmations is that they come in mystery boxes so you don't know what you are going to get! You will end up with duplicates, but then you can go to the parks and trade them. There are some Vinylmation Series that you can buy and you know what you are getting. Like the Nerds Series....
Vinylmations nerds for blog
Most of the boxes I purchased were the Clear Series. I had bought them because they were on sale. I thought we would probably get lots of duplicates, and we would just use them for trading. It is a better deal to buy the ones on sale and use them as trades, then going to the park and buying them at full price. We did get some duplicates...
Vinylmations reds jessie
I had a sad face because we ended up really liking what the Clear Series looked liked and hoped we would end up with a full set. A full set has 12 Vinylmations in it. We did ended up with 9 and only 3 duplicates! That is pretty lucky. What isn't lucky is that I didn't get the hot pink one. I was pretty sad about that. It was the only one I really wanted! Cody and I had a friendly competition while opening the mystery boxes. We played the card game "war" to determine who would open a box next. (I know we are dorks! This is what we do on Friday nights! lol) Doing it this way kept us from opening the boxes in 2 seconds like a kid on Christmas morning!!! It made it more exciting. Here is a photo of what we ended up...
Vinylmations 6-10-2011
I ordered more Vinylmations from the Clear Series this morning before they sell out! We only have 3 more that we need to complete the full set! *fingers crossed* Also, it will give us trades for our next trip to Disney!


  1. I like the clear ones. What do they feel like? Are they softer than the other ones? They look kind of like jelly.

  2. They look like jelly but they are hard just like the regular Vinylmations. Just plastic. The jelly ones kinda smell funny though. lol


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