Homes used in the Twilight Films

Yes this is a Twilight post. You are either excited or rolling your eyes. I was doing a google search for Robert Pattinson when photos of the house used in the Twilight movie came up. Maybe you aren't a fan and you have never even seen the movies. Well the house is a beauty! The house is actually called "The Hoke House", owned by John Hoke, designed by Sklab Architecture.
The first Twilight movie is my favorite. The more I watch the newer films, I dislike them. I love the first one because it is low budget and I felt it was more true to the story. One of my favorite things in the house is the staircase.
The staircase leads to Edward's bedroom. I dream of having a house with this many windows!
The kitchen is nice and open!
Until today, I had no idea that a different house was used in New Moon. Duh. I feel dumb. I have watched the movies a million times and never caught it. I assumed they used the same house in all the films. Of course in New Moon, there aren't really a lot of "Cullen" scenes. This home was on the market for 3 million dollars!
New Moon House - Living Room
Then I find out that they just build a house in a sound set now. Wouldn't it had just been cheaper to purchase the house above for $3 million and be done with it? lol I guess I don't make movies, so I don't understand how stuff works. It's not like they couldn't of sold it and got the money back.
Cullen House

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