Weekend 11 {FRUSTRATED}

This weekend was what I would like to call a WASTE! It was beautiful weather and we hadn't gone and seen Pismo Beach yet. On Saturday we decided to head up there. Well it was super busy and we got frustrated trying to find parking. I don't really like large crowds either. I went to take pictures and walk Muffins. I didn't want a bunch of pictures with people in them.

collage pismo 6-25-2011

Then we drove further down away from the main beach to the Pismo Dunes. Well, I sure as heck wasn't going to drive my Mustang on the beach! I don't think that would of been to smart. lol We ended up just leaving because we were frustrated. This is what happens with you sleep in and wait to go somewhere in California during the late afternoon. Then Sunday came. We had no plans again, but the weather was beautiful. We thought we would just go to Solvang California again to walk around. On the drive to Solvang someone decided to hit their accelerator instead of the break at a stop sign behind me. Now my car looks like this...

mustang bumper

I couldn't believe someone was that dumb. I was pretty mad and jumped out of my car, while the person who just did it stared at me blankly. There happened to be a cop at the other stop sign and he pointed for us to pull over on the side street. This isn't the end of the world, but when you are stressed about 30 other things it just adds to it! I don't need to worry about getting my cars paint job fixed right now! Not sure what is going to happen, only time will tell. The main problem is I planned on leaving California soon and I know how repairs can take awhile. I just simply don't have time for this. Oh well!

me driving 6 26 2011

So the day went on and I tried to keep smiling. We didn't stay at Solvang long because my mood was pretty much ruined. Hopefully things go smoothly with the repairs. Unfortunately the Saturn that hit me really messed up the paint job! My fingers are crossed that this will be a quick and easy repair. My main focus right now has to be finding a place to live in Wyoming and planning my road trip that is probably going to be next week.


  1. pismo beach, ive never been... same with solvang. have to been to the castle yet? your paint job should be quick. they will only do the bumper... good luck

  2. I don't think we are going to go to the castle. We probably won't do anything very exciting this upcoming weekend. ( my last weekend here ) We are trying to save money and traffic we be awful for the 4th of July weekend!! Solvang is very cool!

  3. Sorry to hear about the damage to the car. :(
    The repair shouldn't take too long. I wouldn't think it should take more than a couple days. Sucks that is your only transportation right now. The hassle of it all is always the most frustrating part. Last time someone hit my Altima, I jumped out and started dropping F-Bombs at them.
    At least gas prices are coming down for when you head back east. See ya Jess! :)

  4. sorry to hear about your weekend! I hate drivers out here...they are awful!! Solvang is so Great! We go wine tasting up there at least once a year. We love taking out convertable through the winding country roads. We are hoping to take our vintage scooter out there for a little rally with friends.

  5. The funny thing to me is that I wasn't even in a high traffic area! I thought it would be the 101 that would get me. lol


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