Harajuka Lovers {My First Purse}

I bought my first Harajuka Lovers purse this week. I say "first" because I love it and already want more. I have always loved Gwen Stefani and her style. Of course she can pull off wearing anything and it will look great on her no matter how crazy it is!

8x10 Harajuku Lovers Collage2

I love all the colors and patterns of the purses. The shoes are so adorable! I love the green and yellow pair above!

Harajuka girls 2

Most of the purses are bright colored. I almost put my purse back because it wasn't colorful. Once I got it home though I really feel in love with it. I tend to wear a lot of black anyways so it works well with my clothes. I paid $12.99 for my purse! The suggested retail price is $58.00! I purchased my purse from ROSS.

My 1st Harajuku Lovers Purse - May 2011

Check out this adorable advertisement for the Harajuka Lovers Fragrances. CUTE!!


All the images I used for this post were found doing a google image search for Harajuka Lovers. This post is part of Fashion Fridays!

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  1. I love Gwen and the Harajuku line...so much fun! Adorable images and thanks for linking up honey! Kori xoxo

  2. Cute! I love your purse! I think the ad is really cute too. I think they should make vinyl toys of the characters.

  3. I have one L.A.M.B. purse and I adore it! If I could afford more I'd have many more hehe! I'm a big fan of Gwen and her fashion.


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