Design Board - Pink, Lime Green & Turquoise Room

Emily emailed me asking for some suggestions for her bedroom. Her dilemma is that she just painted her room lime green and turquoise a year ago. She really wants pink walls, but it is to soon to repaint her room. I think the best thing she can do it just add pink accessories to her decor. Lime green, turquoise and pink look great together!
Design Board for Emily{LINKS}
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Emily told me that her current bedding is lime green and turquoise. I think the best thing for her to do is to get new bedding that has pink in it. The bedding above is my top pick for her space. I think the pink in the comforter really pops. By changing the bedding and adding pink accessories it is easy for Emily to change the look of her room. Here are a few more comforters sets that I thought Emily may like...
bedding for emily{LINKS}
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Happy Decorating Emily!


  1. I love the color scheme of lime green, pink and turquoise! I also love the idea of changing the bedding - like changing the room's outfit.

    I really love some of the bedding with purple (#2 second set of pics. Can't believe it's from Walmart! Can you post pictures of Emily's room?

  2. Peggy,

    Emily didn't give me pictures of her room. She just emailed me for suggestions. :) Hopefully I helped her out!

    I love all the bedding! There was about 10 more I loved also! lol I can become a bit obsessed with bedding sometimes. lol


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