Cody and I are considering buying a home when we get stationed. We said we would never buy again after we owned our last home. We really had bad luck with it there for awhile. If we did buy, I think we would be a lot smarter this time. We aren't looking for a fixer upper, but we know since I like to decorate and every house we look at is NOT decorated well, we would someday install an IKEA kitchen. Here are some kitchens that are inspiring me right now...
Ikea FansWhite IKEA Kitchen
Decor PadKitchen with Turquoise Ceiling
Ikea ImagesIKEA Kitchen - Adel Cabinets
This kitchen has white ADEL kitchen cabinets from IKEA. I would probably pick the ADEL cabinets for my kitchen because they are not ultra modern like my last kitchen. I wouldn't want it to be to contemporary for resale purposes in the future. Here is a design board I made of the look I would like for my next kitchen. I am digging turquoise, white, and yellow with pops of black and white.

kitchen dreaming may 2011
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I picture white subway tile as a backsplash and I love the idea of painting the ceiling turquoise instead of the walls. Finding a cool piece of furniture to paint turquoise or maybe yellow would be really fun! I really want some funky black and white wallpaper somewhere in the room. Of course I love the yellow wallpaper by Jonathan Adler! I have been bitten by the decorating bug! I feel like I haven't designed something for myself in so long. The thought of owning my own place again and being able to PAINT THE WALLS is so exciting!!!! I really love the open look of this kitchen...

Since I am 4'9" and can't reach anything in top cabinets anyways, maybe less of them would be better for me. If I don't use them anyways why have them? Not putting tons of top cabinets makes the room feel so much bigger. Oh, it's so fun to dream about decorating!

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  1. One day when I win the lottery a BIG OPEN Kitchen will be one of the must-haves on the top of my list.


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