Weekend 5 in California

This past weekend was our anniversary weekend. I already posted about my present to Cody {HERE}. The rest of the weekend we basically just enjoyed being in California. I am trying to get used to the weather still. The forecast said 60 degrees as a high and rain this weekend. Usually we would just sit inside and watch movies all day assuming it would be to cold to go anywhere. We took a chance and ignored the predicted forecast! It was beautiful!! We still have to wear long sleeves, but it was comfortable and SUNNY! Saturday we took Muffins on a walk on a trail located on the Air Force Base....
california walking muffins
I think Muffins will miss our life in California. She has me all to herself while all our other pets are living in Ohio waiting for our return. She was my first dog and likes being the ONLY one to get ALL the attention. She seems jealous of Cody now, since he wasn't in our lives for about 4 months. Yorkie's are best as one person dogs and are very loyal to their owner. Muffins is not used to walks. It's just not something we did in Ohio. She had a hard time walking on some of the big gravel that was on the trail so sometimes I carried her. She loved every moment of it. I love seeing her happy.

Then Sunday came and it was supposed to rain outside. I really wanted to go to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Going to the Zoo has to be one of my favorite things to do! The Cincinnati Zoo is amazing and I still have yet to find a zoo better then it! The Santa Barbara Zoo was small but beautiful. I have a small obsession with palm trees and loved seeing them at a zoo. (Don't have that in Cincy!) The zoo had some really cute entertaining animals...
california sb zoo collage1
The otters and the turtles were probably my favorite. The turtles just make me laugh! I love watching them because they try to move so fast, but it just doesn't work out for them. It's so cute to watch.
california sb zoo collage2
The lions are always sleeping when you go to the zoo, just like my cats. lol Cody enjoys the "gross" things at the zoo. Spiders, snacks and bugs. Not me! My skin crawls the whole time we are looking at them. The Santa Barbara zoo had a baby giraffe. He was so cute and shy.
california sb zoo collage3
We really had a great day and can't wait to go back to Santa Barbara to site see. California is so beautiful.
california driving 5 15 2011

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