Colors & Patterns & Decorating, OH MY!

When I think of decorating a room for myself I get very overwhelmed. I am my own worst client. I can give other people ideas all day long. My problem is I like so much stuff that I can't decide what I like best. I love just about every color and I don't even have just one "favorite" color anymore. lol I have about 20 patterns I want to use in my next house. I want wallpaper, hand-painted stripes and a turquoise ceiling! Cody looks at me like a deer in head lights.
so many colors

Not to long ago I made a design board for ideas for my future kitchen. I feel it is the only room that I know exactly what I want. Everything else is kinda a blank slate in my head. Sadly Cody and I don't even know if we are going to be able to buy a house and I have fallen in love with one that is 1,200 miles from California. (Where we think we are going to be moving.) I haven't even stepped foot in to it. All it took was the 8 pictures I saw of the home online. Now the decorating ideas are pouring out of my head!!!!
love these rooms

I had this great thought the other day about Jonathan Adler. He is my favorite designer because of all the colors and crazy patterns he uses together. I thought that since I am in California I should go visit one of his stores. It may be my only chance to see his products up close and in person. I told Cody I really want him to go with me so I can get a feel for what Cody does and does not like. Not only is Cody an awesome husband, but he tends to like all my decorating tastes. (Except anything to do with pink.)
dear jonathan

My next home will definitely be influenced by Jonathan Adler's style, but I will also make sure it is my style. I do not intend to just go out and buy a bunch of his stuff and copy his look. I still want it to look like Jessie and Cody's house! Plus, I can't afford his stuff anyways! lol I can't buy a $3000 couch and let my cats lay on it.
stuff i like

I am going to spend sometime putting decor ideas together to get myself more organized. I want to really figure out what is that I love and make it happen! I told Cody this will be my best design project yet! I can't wait for the challenge.

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  1. It's going to be fun to watch your style evolve. I think you should audition for Design Star. You certainly have a great portfolio.

    I would love to see a Jonathan Adler store. Make sure to take lots of pictures!


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