WEEK 8 {Going to TEXAS}

This post is a day early because I am off to Texas this morning!!! Cody has {almost} completed his basic training. I will see him this Thursday. I hope that I have brought enough Kleenex. I was very lucky this weekend and got 2 phone calls from Cody. It always cheers me up so much. We are looking forward to "this" part of the military life being over. Soon will we be able to talk on the phone often and I will start visiting him.
week 8

This week was just as hard emotionally as the last few weeks. It is bittersweet going to see him because our time is limited and the goodbye is going to be awful!!! I do look forward to coming back and having lots of pictures to share. Driving is going to be fun. My friend Dan and I are taking 2 days to get there. I can't wait to see my most favorite person in the world, my husband Cody. :)

I won't be back till March 9th! I hope everyone has a great week!!


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