TUESDAY! It's not really my favorite day of the week, but it does mean that I am a week closer to seeing Cody! Next Tuesday I will be in Texas. I will see Cody on Thursday March 3rd. Cody did his deployment week during week 7. I don't know a lot about it. I know they camp outside and carry weapons around with them. Cody hurt his knuckle and had to get 4 stitches. He is okay though and it hasn't really affected anything for him.
Week 7 Without Cody

I am definitely ready to see him. Being apart SUCKS! It is heartbreaking and depressing. I will say though I have only broke down a few times. LOL It is normal to feel sad when you are apart from your husband, best friend, soul mate and YOUR EVERYTHING!!! I started playing FarmVille on Facebook. My mom and some friends play, so I decided to join them. I have always loved video games and computer games. I also decided this week that I am in love with lime green. I am trying to find a lime green shower curtain! If you find one please let me know! :)

Listening 2: The Bravery - Stir the Blood

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