4 Movies

Picnik collage

I really enjoyed all 4 of these movies. They all made me cry.

1. Remember Me - I could never get Cody to watch this movie. He hates Robert Pattinson. I love him. LOL I feel this movie was good, but could of been better. I don't think it was long enough and it was a very predictable movie. The end was kinda of surprising though. It is a sweet love story, but be ready to shed some tears. 3.5 Stars

2. The Duchess - This movie was very good. I love period movies. The story is pretty heartbreaking though. I thought Keira Knightley was amazing in it. 4 Stars

3. (500) Days of Summer - This one really made me cry. It was kinda a "life lesson" movie. I can't say much about it without ruining the story. It is all about love and fate. 3.5 Stars

4. Young Victoria - Another great period movie. This one was a lot happier to watch. Very sweet love story. If you like period movies I highly recommend it. 4 Stars


  1. I love the Young Victoria! 500 Days of Summer was pretty good too, I agree 3.5
    I haven't seen the other two. I will put them on my Netflix list.


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